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bowiebimbo's Journal

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I'm a full time mom and home maker. I enjoy bird watching. Have not much time to do art anymore but am working on it. I am in the process of growing an herb garden. I'm tired of our food supply being genetically manipulated...only for the Illuminati to keep us stupid an docile...to be fucking slave cattle. I am supporting my local farmers' market. I feel very exhausted of this world and hope that this Mayan prophecy (which I became aware of, ironically, the night before our daughter was conceived) or forecast of the planet crossing the equator of the Milky Way by 12/21/12 will shift influences (with the exceptions of magnetic instabilities) to predominantly positive rather than negative which, I think, we have been trapped under for so long...but then again...I could be wrong and full of shit as usual. I am just tired of being tired.