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1/25/08 04:38 am - Heaven Is Here

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I had bad nightmares and I was really scared...I feel better now!

1/22/08 09:22 am

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1/22/08 08:57 am - He Flexes Like a Whore

1/22/08 08:24 am - Mama Papa

1/15/08 11:52 am - Novice Ameture Fan Fiction

Miss Zelda Pervertina Puddles slips back in time

Yeah...so I was sitting at my computer one night, watching videos and drinking some beer when, all of a sudden, this big bright flash came into my window! Well, naturally, I got my camera ready to go because, who knows, right?
Well, it wasn't actually my camera...it was some anchient piece of crap that my friend's mom's cousin got at a garage sale, or something.

I don't know what happened but the next thing I knew... ***squee*** I was lying on a wooden floor, looking up..at the Holy Grail of the hottest thighs ever!!! I was so hypnotized until, his royal hiney...I mean...highness sang the command, "keep your 'lectric eye on me, babe...". Luckily, I had the piece of crap camera with me...hey, better than nothing and I...um...kept my...um...'lectric eye on him!

I don't know what happened after that but I was back in my bed and it was daylight...with a full moon hovering in the daytime sky (?). I can't be too crazy...how the hell did I get this picture?

This is really my first half assed attempt at writing fan fiction!

1/14/08 09:12 am

Sorry, I haven't been on LJ for awhile but I'm getting lured back in with all the wonderful Bowie toys floating about! XD

I haven't had the ambition to post a journal because I figured it would either be stupid, crazy, chaotic, or bad. But, I can't take it anymore.

Currently, I have NO life...well, I haven't had a life for awhile...as me and my husband are in our 30's stuck in his dad's basement, under foot of his blabbering wife and bratty children, and I work grave yard shift on an Alzheimer's unit to escape the daily insanity here and daytime people...OH GOD I HATE MY LIFE!!!!! But, David Bowie is my mental health savior and me and hubby are saving up to get a converted bus fixed that we can move into...it's ours! No landlords! No mortgage payments! The fucking transmission needs worked on! Oh God! The tax returns had better be fucking good to get this damn thing up and running...I can't take the bullshit of living with other people anymore!!! What the fuck did I do to get stuck here? The city life sucks as well. Policy Piss hole Portland Oregon won't let us park our bus in any of their R.V. parks. OK...I'm rambling...sorry...I don't know what to do...I can't tel anyone how insane I feel I'm going, they'll just make a bigger ass issue out of it and cause more trouble. I do have something I'm working towards...it's real...it's not a delusion...I've got photos and a video to prove it.


12/2/07 06:02 pm

Ooh! Spread 'em!!!

11/3/07 10:35 pm - Devious Journal Entry

Broomstick Blowjob
by *bowiebimbo on deviantART

9/22/07 12:33 am - Devious Journal Entry

Beefcake...Beefcake Bowie
by ~bowiebimbo on deviantART 
I want a BEEFCAKE!!! BEEFCAKE!!! BEEFCAKE BOWIE!!! ZIGGY THINGY!!!! 2 whole buns, please

6/7/07 11:19 pm - Devious Journal Entry

by ~bowiebimbo on deviantART
Well, this is about what I look like on my better days.
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